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25 ways to increase good sportsmanship – on and off the field

So many of these are great lessons that every athlete and parent need to learn!  Great article by USA Football.  We had the pleasure of attending a USA Football camp a few years ago and it was amazing.  Great organization.



James Harrison returns his children’s participation trophies

I can’t get enough of this story.  This is beautiful in my opinion.  I have been working hard on social media all day to cover this and blanket the internet with my book.  I did manage to get a mention on The Bert Show this morning as a result of my efforts.  I only hope that more parents and leagues will take this philosophy to heart and change this mentality that I believe is plaguing our youth.

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Interesting viewpoint on how to combat over-enthusiastic parents

As I discussed in my book, sometimes the worst part of youth sports are the parents.  The kids are great.  They do what they’re told, unless they have someone bending their ear on the sideline, in the car, at the house, etc.  Check it out over at CNN



Daddy Ball: What it is and how to avoid it


This is a great little article about Daddy Ball and how to avoid it.  Now, I disagree with their first method of avoidance (which was avoiding a team where the coach’s kid is bad), but overall, this is a fine read on the topic.

I feel that they summed up the entire phenomenon that is Daddy Ball with the line “… perception is also reality here.  Daddy Ball exists if parents think it does — it’s that simple.

It is truly a shame that leagues don’t protect against this sort of thing.  While a lot of the blame still falls squarely on the coach himself/herself.  As I discussed at length in my book, the first time I had a parent question my son’s position/playing time I stepped away from coaching his team.  I hadn’t done anything wrong, but I didn’t want that perception out there.  What kind of self-respecting coach does?  The answer is:   A Selfish One.

Certainly not a good coach.  Good coaching would have prevented it from happening to begin with.

Enjoy the article:  http://spiderselite.com/2015/06/16/daddy-ball/

Attendance: What message are you sending?

This is a great article, written with wonderful insight from a former high-level athlete and coach.  Why can’t parents understand these simple principles?



Another like-minded article.


There’s a Reason Why Your Kids Aren’t Playing – They’re Not Good Enough

Yes! Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!


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Aggressive, to be or not to be?

USAFootball.com had a great little article about aggression in youth sports.  What forms are acceptable and what forms aren’t.


Ways to Combat Entitlement

This is a good read on some tips for parents who are worried they may be contributing to this entitlement generation.


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Debbie Woodruff gets it

She had a great article from a coach’s perspective published on Fitfluential.



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