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It’s that time of year again…


Kia understands that people are fed up…

A new Kia ad illustrates the problems with participation trophies in an entertaining way.



James Harrison returns his children’s participation trophies

I can’t get enough of this story.  This is beautiful in my opinion.  I have been working hard on social media all day to cover this and blanket the internet with my book.  I did manage to get a mention on The Bert Show this morning as a result of my efforts.  I only hope that more parents and leagues will take this philosophy to heart and change this mentality that I believe is plaguing our youth.

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USA Football retweets 8thPlaceRibbons

Had my first solid retweet occur this morning.  USAFootball posted an article entitled “Should winning be de-emphasized in youth sports? The pros and cons of ‘everyone wins.’”

I commented twice.  Once with experience, the second with a book plug.  The book plug was favorited, and the other comment was retweeted to their 32K followers!

Great first stride in getting the book title out there in front of the masses!

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