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Add this to your list of things that make you shake your head…

So it appears that the Boy Scouts have continued with the trend of creating new generations of wussies.  They have now adopted rules into their handbook that ban water gun and water balloon battles.  The rules state that water guns and rubber band guns are to be fired at targets only, and using eye protection.  They go on to say that water balloons have to be biodegradable and can only be filled to the size of a ping pong ball.  Can anyone actually get that to pop?  Things are getting out of hand.  This has probably been a response to a lawsuit.  Those lawsuits should never be allowed to be entertained.  This is what is wrong with the America that we know and love.


Boy Scouts Ban Water Gun Fights

Boy Scouts Ban Water Gun Fights

Attendance: What message are you sending?

This is a great article, written with wonderful insight from a former high-level athlete and coach.  Why can’t parents understand these simple principles?



Another like-minded article.


Great read: “Brutally Honest: Is it OK to let your child fail?”

This article, (well, the entire series, really) shares some very like-minded views on today’s youth and how to handle them.  It’s a great read, you should check it out.  CNN’s Kelly Wallace takes a look at the stuff no one seems to want to talk about, but everyone should be doing.


REALLY??? Poll reveals Half Of Americans Won’t Let Their Sons Play Football

This is the kind of problem that is facing youth sports today, and I believe it to be a direct result of the media-induced false notion that concussions in football are on the rise.


Poll: Half Of Americans Won’t Let Their Sons Play Football


There’s a Reason Why Your Kids Aren’t Playing – They’re Not Good Enough

Yes! Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!


SLUG: sp/catoctin DATE: August 24, 2006 CREDIT: Ricky Carioti / TWP. Frederick High School in Freder

Aggressive, to be or not to be?

USAFootball.com had a great little article about aggression in youth sports.  What forms are acceptable and what forms aren’t.


USA Football retweets 8thPlaceRibbons

Had my first solid retweet occur this morning.  USAFootball posted an article entitled “Should winning be de-emphasized in youth sports? The pros and cons of ‘everyone wins.’”

I commented twice.  Once with experience, the second with a book plug.  The book plug was favorited, and the other comment was retweeted to their 32K followers!

Great first stride in getting the book title out there in front of the masses!

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Ways to Combat Entitlement

This is a good read on some tips for parents who are worried they may be contributing to this entitlement generation.


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Debbie Woodruff gets it

She had a great article from a coach’s perspective published on Fitfluential.



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