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Month: August 2015

25 ways to increase good sportsmanship – on and off the field

So many of these are great lessons that every athlete and parent need to learn!  Great article by USA Football.  We had the pleasure of attending a USA Football camp a few years ago and it was amazing.  Great organization.



James Harrison returns his children’s participation trophies

I can’t get enough of this story.  This is beautiful in my opinion.  I have been working hard on social media all day to cover this and blanket the internet with my book.  I did manage to get a mention on The Bert Show this morning as a result of my efforts.  I only hope that more parents and leagues will take this philosophy to heart and change this mentality that I believe is plaguing our youth.

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HBO’s Real Sports – Episode 220: Trophy Culture

Finally a National Spotlight on the issues I’ve been writing about the past couple of years!  Bernard Goldberg digs into the ramifications of giving out trophies to every child.  Here is a great little interview on the Rich Eisen show:


The entire Real Sports Episode 220: Trophy Culture deals with the topic.  Experts are weighing in, and they agree with me!  I am attempting to reach out to Mr. Goldberg and Rich Eisen both to discuss it further if possible.