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Month: June 2015

Daddy Ball: What it is and how to avoid it


This is a great little article about Daddy Ball and how to avoid it.  Now, I disagree with their first method of avoidance (which was avoiding a team where the coach’s kid is bad), but overall, this is a fine read on the topic.

I feel that they summed up the entire phenomenon that is Daddy Ball with the line “… perception is also reality here.  Daddy Ball exists if parents think it does — it’s that simple.

It is truly a shame that leagues don’t protect against this sort of thing.  While a lot of the blame still falls squarely on the coach himself/herself.  As I discussed at length in my book, the first time I had a parent question my son’s position/playing time I stepped away from coaching his team.  I hadn’t done anything wrong, but I didn’t want that perception out there.  What kind of self-respecting coach does?  The answer is:   A Selfish One.

Certainly not a good coach.  Good coaching would have prevented it from happening to begin with.

Enjoy the article:  http://spiderselite.com/2015/06/16/daddy-ball/

The “Entitlement Generation”

Here’s another like-minded article about the same attitudes I’ve written…



KWWL’s Anchor Mom write about what she calls The “Entitlement Generation”