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Month: September 2014

Aggressive, to be or not to be?

USAFootball.com had a great little article about aggression in youth sports.  What forms are acceptable and what forms aren’t.


USA Football retweets 8thPlaceRibbons

Had my first solid retweet occur this morning.  USAFootball posted an article entitled “Should winning be de-emphasized in youth sports? The pros and cons of ‘everyone wins.’”

I commented twice.  Once with experience, the second with a book plug.  The book plug was favorited, and the other comment was retweeted to their 32K followers!

Great first stride in getting the book title out there in front of the masses!

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Ways to Combat Entitlement

This is a good read on some tips for parents who are worried they may be contributing to this entitlement generation.


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Debbie Woodruff gets it

She had a great article from a coach’s perspective published on Fitfluential.



What do youth sports teach our children, really?

This article shows a very like-minded viewpoint, highlighted by a Michigan State University study about the important life lessons that youth sports teach our children.


Parents Violently Attack Youth Football Coach Over Playing Time

Regardless of your stance on concealed carry, the reason I post this article is to illustrate the craziness that surrounds youth sports these days.  It is inconceivable to me that someone would start a physical altercation with a coach over playing time, but this poor guy got more than that.


Think before you act, please.